Yellow : Favourite colour of Vincent van Gogh

Yellow was also the favourite colour of Vincent van Gogh. At the beginning he used yellow ochre, later also the Cadmium yellow or Chrome yellow, which came into use (see "Sunflowers" of 1888). He converted the light of his landscapes into colour. For him light symbolised the sun of the South, cheerfulness, but friendship and love as well. In his paintings the yellow always appeared in accordance with his complimentary colour blue. For him the combination of yellow and blue was the symbol of power and completeness of life (see "Grain field with raves-", 1890). The yellow colour expresses the longing of the artist for a cheerful and carefree life, which Van Gogh didn't live. At the same time it personifies the creative energy which this artist had at his disposal. (Thomas Seilnacht)


Yellow: colour of light and warmth, with a stimulating effect, amusing and warming up

Yellow: colour of envy - colour of the outlaws - colour of misfortune

Yellow: colour with signal effect (caution)