Yellow : Colour with signal effect (caution)

For the traffic the colour yellow has the best long distance effect. Therefore the priority sign, the switching light, post bus but life jackets and tennis balls are yellow as well. In many countries of the world yellow (but orange as well) is used as colour for danger materials. You always have to pay attention to yellow-black stripes (for example the badge of the blind). The "yellow card" is shown to football-players as a warning sign. A yellow flag, hissed on a ship, means an epidemic disease on board. In the animal kingdom yellow as well as red means a warning and is a sign for poison (fire-salamander, hornet). (Thomas Seilnacht)


Yellow: colour of light and warmth, with a stimulating effect, amusing and warming up

Yellow: favourite colour of Vincent van Gogh

Yellow: colour of envy - colour of the outlaws - colour of misfortune