RED   from bordeaux-red across glaring red to pink
Red :
Colour of love and hate
Red :
colour of fire and blood, both meant positive as well as negative on one side hate, war, aggression and bloodshed, on the other side power, love, warmth and passion
first colour which could be noticed by men, which he mentioned by name
Red :
colour of bursts: blush, red from rage, ...
Red :
colour of sexuality ("red light district")
Red :
colour of danger and prohibition (red lights, brake lights, alarm buttons, red phone)
Red :
colour of the revolution, political colour, red banners, symbol for communism and socialism, also meant negative "red danger"
Red :
colour of control, of correction: red pencil

Red used for "minus": red figures

Red is used for healing. Usually the effect of the red colour is stimulating, for example it stimulates your appetite. Just watching red colour increases the human anabolism for 13,4 percent (Theroux, 1998)

The bright, shining red has been associated to the male principle in the ancient Greek culture as well as in later Christianity. It was the colour of the Greek Gods Phoebus and Ares. Adam has been created from red soil.

In former cultures the dark red of blood was associated to the female. Mother Earth donated red ochre, which was said to content life preservation to the peoples of the Stone Age. In Japan red is still associated more to the female.

In cold countries like Russia red was always seen as a positive colour. The Russian word "krasnaja" means "red" and "beautiful" at the same time. The "Red Place" = The beautiful place. The Red Army = the beautiful marvelous army.

In alchemy red was the colour of the colours, the preliminary stage to the "Stone of Wisdom", the magic material, which creates gold from worthless metal.

With the arising of Christianity the meaning of red associated to the German Gods was devalued. They turned into devils with red hair and red beard. Women with red hair were called witches or prostitutes, and poppy flowers were called devil's flowers. At the same time when the red colour was condemned also sexuality, associated to this colour, was condemned. From now on the hair of Holy Mary - which in paintings has always been red until the Middle Ages - was painted blonde.

Red as protection against bad influences and as a sign for luck and happiness (red roses)

Red as a status symbol

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