PINK (rose-coloured)
Pink :
feminine, soft, expressing of sprouting feelings
Pink :
to glide on pink clouds
Pink :
to watch the world through pink glasses
Pink :
"feminine" qualities as charm, politeness, kindness and harmony. As a mixture of the "hot" colour red and the "cool" colour white, pink symbolises the virtue of compromise and adaptation, qualities, that fit into the imaginations of woman's role.
The red of love leads into two directions: combined with blue the prohibited feelings of sexuality are expressed, combined with white the innocent feelings.
Pink :
Colour of pleasure .. sweet and mild: bonbons (pink and sour/salty doesn't fit), can also turn into mawkish and therefore to slush.

Red and green: that is young, fresh and comfortable, a typical colour-combination for spring. As all warm colours the female pink is associated with something round.

It fits our imagination if pink is combined with things, which also have the qualities soft, smooth, small, sweet, light: a little girl in a pink dress, a pink soft toy animal.

It may attract attention if pink - against the conventional expectations - is combined in the following ways: instead of being combined with "litte" - combined with "big" (the advertisement of the Austrian railway association showing pink elefants was a real eye-catcher) instead of being combined with "nice" - combined with "bad": a pink devil (See the big success of the "Pink Panther")

Pink : colour of the gays

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