ORANGE   from dark orange till light orange

If you mix yellow with red, something exiting, even provocative comes into existence, something that shines like yellow and hits your eyes in an nearly aggressive way. Orange is not as hot as red, it reminds more on cosy colour of a fireplace. But it is warmer, more sun riped and more perfect than yellow.

Orange :
pleasure and obtrusiveness
Orange :
colour of the setting sun
Orange :
optimism, open-mind, youth, sociability, health, self-confidence, power, lasting warmth, colour of the Caribbean, the Samba, the cheerful open-minded meeting
Orange :
shining, hearty, ripe, full, alive, well-rounded, blazing, warm, youthful and vain as well
Orange :

easy living, obtrusiveness, excess often is said to be disrespectable and cheap (objects made of plastic yes, but a Mercedes of class "S" in orange - unthinkable)
Quite different in the Netherlands: there the orange is the national colour and the colour of the kingdom ("oranje" = "orange") Orange flags are hoisted at the birthday of a royal member.
In Eire the colour orange has a religious-political meaning (Protestant "Orangemen" in Northern Ireland
In the States: together with black the colour of Halloween

Orange :
People working in road construction, cleaning streets or garbage men wear working clothes in orange colour. This colour protects because of its flashy shining Also the machines, used in road construction and the cars for garbage have the same colour. The more the orange of workers and garbage men have been used the more it disappeared from the daily fashion. As long as cars are seen as reputation object, nearly nobody will select the orange colour as paint finish, although it would mean more safety.

Unlike green and purple, which are known as independent colours with their own symbolism, the orange colour always remained as a subordinated mix-colour in the European culture.

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