Green : Political colour

In Germany the colour green became a political colour when the Green Party was established. This colour referred to the protection of environment as the most important intention of the party. Although many voters and members of the party came from the church environment, they were not accepted by them as a party for life and environment.

Also in other countries the green colour has a political meaning. In the green-white-red flags of Italy the white and the red are the old colours for Italy, whereas the Green symbolises the claim of men to freedom and equality. The flag was presented during the French Revolution by the Italian Republics in 1795. In Ireland, the "Green Island", the colour green is claimed as the national colour for the Catholics (in contrast with the colour orange of the Protestant Orange Men, who had subjected Ireland before). (Thomas Seilnacht)


Green : during the Middle Ages the colour of love, but as well of viscous snakes and demons

Green in the Islam and to the peoples of the desert

Green : reassuring, harmonious