Green in the Islam and to the peoples of the desert

For the Muslims green is the colour of the Prophet Mohammed. He himself declared it as his favourite colour and wore a green coat and a green turban. Until today only his successors are allowed to wear a green turban. The holy flag - as the most precious relic of the Islam - is green and embroidered with gold. Mohammed is said to have carried this banner during the war which helped him to conquer Mecca. In the imagination of the Muslims the colour green prevails in paradise as a symbol for blooming landscapes and everlasting oasis. Still today green is the colour of the "Arab Liga", many Islamic countries have the colour in her flag. It symbolises the unity in believing of the Arab peoples.

Green is also the colour of life for the peoples in the desert. The symbol of green in the Arab world is even older than Mohammed. The Islamic saint "al-Chadir" (the "Green Man") is a figure, who guides the nomads in the desert to the water and accompanies the hikers. Al-Chadir is said to have been walking through the Empire of Darkness until he came to a white rock. All other hikers were thrown down from this mountain, only al-Chadir could climb up and reach the "Spring of life". After drinking the precious water his clothes turned into green and he obtained immortality. (Thomas Seilnacht)


Green : during the Middle Ages the colour of love, but as well of viscous snakes and demons

Green : political colour

Green : reassuring, harmonious