YELLOW   from full gold-yellow across glaring yellow to light lemon yellow

The colour yellow is a symbol for sunlight, for the realisation and the growing of the alive, but also for fall and ripping.

In all peoples the sun was one of the most important symbols. Many primitive races adored it as God.

The ancient Greek imagined that the Green Sun-God Helios was driving across the sky in yellow clothes on a carriage, moved by four fire-horses. The bright, yellow light of the sun and of its gods personified the divine intelligence.

In China the colour yellow is assigned to male yang, the active, creative principle. In this and all other Asian cultures yellow is meant as the colour for happiness, glory and wisdom. Saffron clothes have been prohibited in former China for the people, only the emperor and Buddhist monks were allowed to wear them.

The ancient Egyptians associated yellow to female, soft, sensoual, cheerful. The word "woman" has been written in yellow colour in the hieroglyphs, the only writing system, which used different colours for different meanings. In Egypt, in Russia, in the Orient and in several countries of the Balkan, yellow is the "Wedding-Colour".

Yellow in advertising: warm yellow-shades get you cheerful, peaceful mood

Yellow: Colour of love and sexual lust

Saffron was regarded as the colour of love and later also of sexual lust. Venus, the Roman Goddess of love, was wearing yellow clothes. Therefore, during the Middle Ages, the Christians turned the colour yellow into the colour for prostitutes. They were forced to wear a yellow ribbon, a yellow belt or a yellow cape to be known as prostitutes.


Yellow: colour of light and warmth, with a stimulating effect, amusing and warming up

Yellow: favourite colour of Vincent van Gogh

Yellow: colour of envy - colour of the outlaws - colour of misfortune

Yellow: colour with signal effect (caution)

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