Colour - a natural thing for photographers ?

Surely, red-orange sunsets, blue sea, blue sky, green meadows, yellow sunflowers, crowded streets
with people dressed in different colours ... all this have already been photographed by you ...

But have you already really occupied yourself with the colours ? So to speak with "pure colour"?
Did you ever make a picture with the colour "red" as the subject? Or blue, or yellow, or... or...?

Yes? Well then.

No? Maybe you will be interested now after having read these pages...

Just a short click on the appropriate colours and you can find out the meaning of them, which symbols
they are since ancient history and in different cultures, which feelings arise by watching the different colours.
You can find also a little passage of general colour-theory.

It is not meant to be a complete treatise, just a basic information about the subject and maybe a further suggestion

Maybe you would like to take part in this project and send us your photographs,
in which the colour itself is the main motive ... or things which are associated to this colour ...

Send your picture ... or better several pictures ... concerning red, orange, yellow, blue, green, brown, ochre, turquoise, lilac/pink, black, white and/or grey per e-mail (with previous notice if more than 3: to avoid accumulation in the mailbox in case of longer absence)

in format jpg - 72 dpi - and with maximum 400 pixel on the longest side!

If they fit in this project, they will be presented on this page together with all other sent pictures from all over
the world, of course mentioning the name of the author and - if you like - with a link to his e-mail and/or
Internet address.

A comprehensive, international collection of good pictures to this subject should be developed here...

The idea for this project was born by Wolfgang Peter, like me a member in the virtual NetFotoArtClub.
Parts of this text were written by him and by Thomas Seilnacht.
At this point I want to express my thank to them.