BLUE   from dark nightblue across glaring blue to skyblue

The Egyptians saw life in the deep blue of the water and the divine in the immeasurable blue of the sky.

Blue : colour of the water, colour of the depth, personifying the female principle, very often Holy Mary is dressed in blue

Blue : Colour of the sky, in former times the sky-blue was associated to the male principle
Colour of all Gods and symbol of the far, the divine, the spiritual Still today blue is considered as the colour of loyalty, because only from far away when there is the chance for unfaithfulness, you can proof loyalty .
Blue flowers, like forget-me-not or violets are symbols for loyalty

Blue : colour of the unlimited dimensions
Blue : colour of reliability Blue: colour of dreamers, fidelity, confidence
Blue : colour of longing.... the "Blue Flower" of Novalis
Blue : colour of relaxing, retiring, "feeling blue"
Blue is royal and proletarian at the same time, Prussian blue,
Blue is divine
Blue is peaceful. Just think on the blue helmets of the UN-troops, the blue shirts, the boy scouts
Blue is the colour of cold (blue marked taps)
Blue stands for emancipation: greetings to all bluestockings !
Blue stands for authorities: hi blue-blooded !

To think on the colour blue
causes a longing, dreamy feeling
and at the same time safety and calmness,
leads to a serious view of things inside yourself

The colour blue is considered as a colour of mentality and makes you feel positive.
The blue of the "blue letter" should make it easier to accept the message...
Many companies use this colour in their logos. (Aral, Deutsche Bank, Levis, Nivea, ...)
Levis jeans ... originally dyed brown ... had their huge success when they turned into blue feeling blue ...

From the devils colour to king of colour materials The "Blue Flower in romanticism" Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and the Blue Horseman

"feeling blue" - "blue monday"

From the devils colour to king of colour materials

The"Blue Flower in romanticism"

Wassily Kandinsky, Franz Marc and "Der Blaue Reiter " (=the Blue Horseman)

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